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Waterman Winery and Vineyards, Inc.

11582 Waterman Road Waterman, IL 60556 815-264-3268

Open Saturday & Sunday, 12-4 pm, April -December.  Monay-Friday, open by appointment or chance!  Seasonal - closed January, February & March.


2015 grapes

Seasonal or limited availability on many of our wines! Go with the flow!

Wine List:

______Cherrylicious –delicious cherry wine

_____DeKalb County Niagara – enjoy our Niagara grape wine

_____Sweet Sunset – a popular blend of red grapes

_____Ruby Sunset – a sweet red Frontenac wine

_____Sweet Memories – made from Concord grapes

_____Chef Rudy’s Rose’ –sweet & tart, very flavorful Frontenac

_____LaCrescent – white grape from our sustainable vineyard

_____DEKALB 100 YEARS STRONG - spiced red

_____DEKALB 100 YEARS STRONG- white blend

_____Royal Red – Leon Millot and Foch blend

_____Go Green – white blend from our sustainable vineyard

_____Apple Wine – from a variety of Honey Hill apples

_____Sunset Table Wine – well-balanced red blend, Truck label

_____Waterman White – a crisp blend of white grapes

_____Waterman Red – vibrant color and flavor, Frontenac grape

_____Holiday Spiced wine – seasonal

_____DEKALB 100 Years Strong – barrel-aged Frontenac

_____Wine Dog White – white LaCrescent grapes, nice finish


Limited or seasonal availability on all wines: Buy it if you like it!

  Our wines are also available at : Schnuck's, Lundeen's, Inboden's and HyVee in the Dekalb/Sycamore area and at Casey’s General Stores in Waterman.



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